Article 370

Jammu & Kashmir, a constituent state of India, mentioned in the Article 1 of the Indian Constitution. Article 370 of part XXI of the Indian Constitution gave the special status to J&K, and not all provisions mentioned in the constitution of India are applied on J&K but only a few like State Emergency (presidential rule), etc. The official Language of J&K is Urdu (and can also use English for official purpose if state legislature provides). There is a history behind this special provision. At present, Union government has abrogated the Article 370 on August 5, 2019.

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Gender Equality and sports

by VIDHISHALAMay 25, 2020

Introduction Gender equality meant that both men and women should have equal powers and opportunities with respect to birth, education, personal development, economic independence, political participation as well as participation in social affairs. Gender Equality is a fundamental human right which is also a pre requisite for establishing a peaceful society. The remarkable declaration adopted

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Gas Leakage in Vishakhapatnam City

ABOUT THE INCIDENT On May 07,2020, when all villagers of vizag city were sleeping in their respective houses, around 3:00 A.M., they started to get breathing problems, many of them fainted,died, some get skin rashes and feeling of vomiting and some are having giddiness. Nobody couldn’t understand why such things were happening to them. When


by VIDHISHALAMay 25, 2020

A Critical Analysis on Transgender Act, 2019

AUTHOR- ABHISHEK JAIN, LLYOD LAW COLLEGE, NOIDA INTRODUCTION The Transgender Person Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha on August, 2019 during its monsoon session. The Rajya Sabha later also passed bill on November, 2019. This is the winter session of the Parliament of India. The President of India Mr. Ramnath Kovind gave their assent

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by VIDHISHALAMay 25, 2020

Animal Abuse And Related Statue

AUTHOR- SATYAM TRIVEDI C.M.P. Degree college (University of Allahabad)   What is animal abuse (hoarding) ?  Animal abuse is a form of animal threatening/abuse affecting 1000 of animal each and every year collection of animal are kept in very bad condition; deprived of socialization, denied proper care and nutrition, often living covered in there own

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by VIDHISHALAMay 21, 2020

International Laws on Pandemic Response- A First Stocktaking in Light Of The Corona-virus crisis

AUTHOR- SATYAM TRIVEDI C.M.P. Degree college (University of Allahabad) ABSTRACT The coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic is currently raging throughout the world. The ensuing crisis has acquired a multidimensional nature, affecting all levels of society. Measures adopted by domestic authorities have included a whole   restrictions: from  general alerts to mandatory quarantines and isolations of general public […]

by VIDHISHALAMay 14, 2020

Role of Cyber Forensic in the Criminal Investigation

“Bytes are replacing bullets in the crime world” Abstract- Cybercrimes are at the height of the 21st century as mass information via network tool is readily available and easily accessible. Emerging social media and communication technologies has led to the rise of organized cybercrimes such as phishing, banking frauds, identity thefts, spamming, cyber pornography,  etcetera […]

by VIDHISHALAApril 26, 2020

Juvenile Delinqueny & Legal Aid

INTRODUCTION Juvenile is referred to a person who is not old enough and cannot be regarded as an adult. In India, the definition of juvenile is specified under JUVENILE JUSTICE ACT, 2015. Juvenile delinquency problem has been in existence since we study the concept of society. It is an important feature of all societies, be […]

by VIDHISHALAApril 26, 2020

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